Since 2003 Cubsec has been a provider of a comprehensive range of security services for businesses and the public sector in Sweden.

We are well represented in Sweden’s three major cities (Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö). In the northern part of Sweden we provide our services to larger customers with special needs. Within Cubsec, there is a special segment for high-security customers where we offer advanced services. Our special solutions makes us a preferred partner for i.e. governmental customers. Close Protection services are provided in all parts of Sweden, as well as installation and service of security systems and monitoring service.  Security escorts and security courier services are provided globally.

Cubsec has 221 full time employees (350 in total) in Sweden, ca 10 m euros in annual turnover and a 15-20% annual growth.

Our customer offer is based on availability, dedication and transparency when it comes to delivering our services in accordance with customer requirements and legislation. Cubsec has been voted as winner of the Security Company of the Year in the ”Security Services segment” both 2013 and 2015. The company has been nominated a total of four times in the last eight years. Our sense of high quality is acknowledged by our customers as well as in security industry media.

Cubsec is a part of BYA – The Training and Working Environment Council of the Swedish Guarding Industry. As an industry-leading private-owned company, we take responsibility for developing the security industry in Sweden, as well as the security training and work environment.

Innovative security solutions

Cubsec is a partner of leading technology suppliers and manufacturers. Among our partners are Axis, Anixter, Genetec and Tyco. We deliver complete solutions for our customers.

Cubsec – the key to global sourcing solution

25 independent security companies in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa have been combined to create a global network called Global Secure Alliance (GSA).

As members of GSA, Cubsec has established a network of world-class global alliance partners, to support those customers who seek a single global sourcing solution or who have expanded in countries outside of Sweden. For customers who are based outside of Sweden, we can offer GSA to coordinate solutions for several countries.

The GSA give companies and government the ability to experience the same level of service they have received domestically from Cubsec and only one point of contact to span the globe.

The accumulated turnover for GSA of the current members has reached €760 million in 2016, for 7,600 clients, which represents 46 million work hours and 610,000 patrols, of which 495,000 were interventions after an alarm was triggered, 68,000 openings/closures of buildings and 23,000 key management service provisions.

The accumulated workforce is more than 72,000 security officers, security specialists and security technicians.

Interested in our solutions. Please contact our customer team for foreign or international accounts. We may provide you with personal references, which in many cases can be validated locally in the government or company’s home country.

Send your inquiry to tender@cubsec.se or contact your designated contact person.

+46 771-761 900


A selection of the services we offer

Patrol Service
Alarm and Incident Response
Alarm Monitoring Services
Stationary Guards
Reception Services
Public Security Guards
Armed and Unarmed Guard Services
Store Detective Services
Close Protection Services
Event Security
Fire Prevention
Risk Analysis and Risk Management